Magento: Phoning home to Big Brother/Varien?

It appears some have claimed there Magento installation has been making calls back to IP’s owned by Varien/Magento, The thread is initially a year old, and more recent discussions have claimed they haven’t found anything of such nature.  I know X-Cart used to use a javascript blank 1×1 gif image to track installations of X-Cart but it was only on the backend/admin side, and not the front end.  Has anyone else run into similar instances?  Also this may not pertain to 3rd party modules installed as that may a whole other can of worms you could be opening up your store up to, most modules are free, but nothing is really free in this world. 8O  Here is the original thread: Magento Phone Home?

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Magento Version Security Update XSS fix on registration page

If you are running a lower version than of Magento, I’d highly recommend upgrading for security purposes as in the change log, a Cross Site Scripting attack was found in the customer registration page.

:arrow: Magento – Blog – Magento Version Security Update – eCommerce Software for Growth.

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