Rules of Magento club

My favorite Movie + Favorite E-Commerce platform: Just having some fun with these, what would be your eight rules of Magento?

First rule of Magento is you do not touch core.

Second rule you DO NOT touch core.

Third rule when in doubt, flush all caches and rebuild indexes.

Fourth rule XDebug, Zend_Debug and Mage::log are your friends.

Fifth rule keep your name spaces clean.

Sixth rule no indexes, no conversions.

Seventh rule development goes on as long as it has to.

Eighth rule if this your first time modifying magento, You have to forget everything else.

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  • dcp

    Very informative and compact post, thank you! I also like the look of your blog, really nice design!

  • Gaia Canestrari

    ahahah. cracking up!

  • Anonymous

    Glad you like em :)