Molotov.bliss (acronymed Mb) is the pseudonym and/or brain child of Jared Blalock AKA: B00MER. musical keyboard About Producer, monkey About Developer, bomb About Designer, ghost About a Ghost in the shell. What’s a molotov.bliss? What’s really in a name? Other than a label attached to the things we have created and done for ubiquity.


Previously a part of one of the very first netlabels: Kosmic Free Music Foundation or KFMF, (1994-2000). I Still produce today and release most tracks for free via Soundcloud and other channels independently. My choice of DAW is ReNoise.



Below is a small collection over a period of many years, of many different creative projects. Some are real live screenshots from a web browser, and some are Adobe Photoshop mock-ups others are magazine or flyer designs. Molotov.bliss was also a featured site of the day on About.com and FlashKit, for a Flash based version of molotovbliss.com back around 2000. Other designs can be found on BeHance.



middle developer plus AboutAs a Developer and Designer I’ve contributed work on the Official Blues Traveler website, Blake Lively’s Preserve.us, Verizon, Start-ups and many other countless clientele. Previously a Moderator on X-Cart‘s forum; As well as releasing my own 3rd party templates and modifications for it through Cart-Lab.com. Focusing currently on Magento Commerce, helping and giving back to the community with others on Stackoverflow & GitHub.