Google Chrome Extensions in Beta

Chrome Extension HOWTO ‎(Chromium Developer Documentation)‎. It appears my favorite browser is getting closer and closer to having extensions! The current beta release has some extension support as there are some things you still can’t do in Chrome Beta, that you can in FireFox, so…

MagentoCommerce vs OSCommerce vs X-Cart

SnapShot of (rank #12,293), (#14,769), (#38,446) – Compete. It appears Magento Commerce has now surpassed even OSCommerce in Unique visitors! :) Possibly Related Posts: Rules of Magento Club Insignificant Mr.doob’s awesome inspirational work Magento Commerce Error Reporting Tip X-Cart creators release Gears…


Back with a Vengeance!

After years of staying under the radar I’ve decided to bring molotov.bliss back up to what I had originally wanted many years ago. Some of you may remember my older flash sites that won some awards at and Or some of you may remember alot of free music that I had released while with KFMF (Kosmic Free Music Foundation).