T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant: GPS Fix without Keis

Seems Samsung has finally put an official (T959UVJI5) fix out for the Galaxy S Vibrant. Ever since I’ve gone from my old G1 to this I’ve been really satisfied with the phone, other than the only two things. 1) The GPS issues, 2) Lag over time; both that has plagued almost all Galaxy S phones on all carries.

Are you having trouble updating your Vibrant Galaxy S Phone with the latest Firmware with Samsungs Kies desktop application like myself and many others. I was running a One Click lag fix and after finally getting Kies to download the firmware binary files without crashing (If you ignore Kies auto update all works fine). However after the phone installed the firmware I was left with a black screen after the Galaxy S intro animation. Frustrated I went back to Stock, and used the methods below to install the GPS fix without Kies, I’m currently about to re-install the One click lag fix again to see if there are any conflicts. After Benchmarking again with this update there is still major I/O lag without the lag fix.

:?: Update: One Click Lag Fix and Root working just fine after applying this firmware.  Seems there are other updates included like: Task Manager, HD Camera, Speech to Text button on screen keyboard, etc.

:!: If you are running under root, or one click lag fix or any other lower level customizations like apps2SD, different UI than TouchWiz chances are this may not work as well for you. OR you can always just wait for T-mobiles OTA (Over The Air) Update if you are not technically savvy. Be sure and backup your phone before performing any kind of firmware upgrades!

Here’s the steps if your still running stock or just want to give it a try:

Files / Tools you’ll need:

Download the firmware and extract its contents to a temporary folder, 2 files included a .tar and .dll
:arrow: http://www.4shared.com/get/qYoXjAKC/tmpAFCFtmp.html

Download Odin v1.3, extract it into the same temporary folder, 1 file .exe
:arrow: http://rapidshare.com/files/417198468/Odin3_v1.3.zip

For precautionary measures or you just want to go back to stock to apply the firmware, you can use the included Odin3 v1.0 or the one above, simply point the PIT to the proper file as well as the PDA in download mode from the steps below to revert back to stock:
:arrow: http://tinyurl.com/2bc5b6r


1. Power down phone with no USB cable connected.
2. Once you see “good bye” connect USB cable.
3. Wait till battery indicator is visible, and you can see the current charge in green.
4. Hold vol+ and vol-.
5. Press power until screen goes black, then let go of power only.
6. Should see the yellow digger.
7. Once your in download mode open up Odin v1.3:
8. Uplug your USB Cable and plug it back in until you see a Green COM port show in Odin
9. Check PDA under Files [downloaded]
10. Press PDA button and point this to the .tar file extracted from the firmware update. (T959UVJI5(FUS).tar)
11. Press Start and be patient you will see progress bars on your phone and in Odin if all is working properly.

After all is done your phone should be rebooting and you’ll see this in Odin:

vibrantgpsupdate T Mobile Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant: GPS Fix without Keis


:arrow: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=794791

:arrow: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=734475

:arrow: http://phandroid.com/2010/09/29/gps-update-now-available-for-the-samsung-vibrant-through-kies/

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